Coconut Cleansing Mousse
 _Deep cleansing _Smooth skin _Natural ingredient

The benefits of coconut oil cleansing mousse:

~ Foamy dense ~
Deep wash pores dirty Compared with general facial cleansers and facial cleansers, mousse has finer bubbles that can penetrate deep into the pores. Because the bubble molecules are relatively thin, they can take away the dirt in the tiny pores. The dense bubbles can enhance the cleansing of the dead face, and the subsequent maintenance can be absorbed more effectively!

~ Save time ~
Save time to wash your face Mousse bottles can squeeze out the dense bubbles when pressed, saving time for the bubbles, without spending too much time to clean the face, convenient and efficient.

~ Save money ~
Use the most provincial Generally, facial cleanser is easy to worry about not enough bubbles or too much accidentally squeezed too much, and the advantage of mousse is that the foam is very soft, it is easy to push the whole face, there is no waste problem!

~ Gentle ~
Does not harm the skin and sensitive muscles When using a general face washing product, it is necessary to smear the foam before it can effectively achieve the cleaning effect. However, this product is cleaned with a gentle foam, gently taking away dust and dirt, and maintaining the skin. Some oil and water balance. Does not harm sensitive muscles that are not resistant to sputum.

~ Moisturizing ~
Suitable for dry skin, no more tight problems Poor cleansing products will make the skin dry and dull. SABAYAA Coconut Cleansing Mousse contains natural botanical ingredients such as hyaluronic acid moisturizing factor and virgin coconut oil. It is refreshing, moist and not tight after washing, and also helps to improve skin elasticity.

Sabayaa Facial Cleansing Mousse